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UW IT Mentoring

UW-IT Mentoring connects newer UW-Madison employees with experienced colleagues in peer relationships that enhance skills, knowledge and experience. Enjoy the freedom to choose a mentor from anyone on campus.

Annual Matchup 2019

This fall the UW-IT Mentoring Program will be launching our Annual Matchup 2019!

The format of our Annual Match-up 2019 includes:

  • An intensive marketing campaign in order to recruit program mentees
  • A structured one-year format with clear expectations and outcomes for those in a mentoring relationship
  • A series of sponsored events throughout the year to support and grow the relationship between you and your mentee

We are asking all current and prospective program mentors who wish to participate in the match-up to please complete our new mentoring survey. The new format will provide information which will assist us in matching you up with mentees and to update your areas of expertise.

For additional information or questions regarding the Annual Match-up 2019, please send an email to the steering team.

If you know of a colleague or campus IT professional who is interested is starting a mentoring relationship with one of our program mentors as a mentee, please pass along this information and encourage them to submit their interest to the match-up program.

Available Mentors

Sean Bossinger

Assistant Director Help Desk Manager

Russell Dimond

Associate Director, Statistical Consultant Social Science Computing Cooperative

Joe Goss

Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager, DoIT

Jim Helwig

MyUW Lead Strategist, DoIT

Bryan Husk

Assistant Director/SR Info Processing Consultant, School of Medicine and Public Health

Lisa Jansen

Associate Director, L&S Learning Support Services

Patrick Johnson

Tech Store Supervisor, DoIT Tech Store

Lee Konrad

Associate Director for Information Technology, General Library System

Charlene Krembs

Distinguished Information Processing Consultant/CALS Co-IT Director (Interim)

David Lorman

Information Systems Manager, School of Medicine & Public Health

Mitch Lundquist

Manager of Computer Operations, General Library

Sara Nagreen

IT Coordinator, Department of Mathematics

Paul Oliphant

ATW Director, Wisconsin School of Business

David Parter

Director of Academic Computing Services, Department of Computer Sciences

Sandee Seiberlich

Enterprise Project Manager, DoIT Academic Technology

Jeanne Skül

Director, Network Services


Brenda Spychalla

Co-CIO School of Education, Co-Director MERIT

Nicholas Tincher

CIO and Director of IT, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Bob Turner

Chief Information Security Officer


Karl Weirauch

Security & Application Support, DoIT Departmental Support

Be a mentor

How do I become a mentor?

Complete the Mentor Information Form in order to begin your journey as a mentor. You will be giving back to the UW Madison IT community, expanding your personal and professional network, building leadership competencies and improving the IT staff climate at UW-Madison. A member of the UW-IT Mentoring Program Steering Team will reach out to you and get you added to the mentor list.

As a mentor you will:

  • Commit to regularly scheduled meeting times with your mentee
  • Help the mentee set and attain career and personal goals
  • Share best practices including unique professional experiences
  • Establish trust with your mentee and maintaining confidentiality
  • Listen actively, offering constructive and meaningful feedback for your mentee
  • Help grow the program by informing others of mentoring opportunities, and encourage participation whenever possible

What happens once I become a mentor?

A mentee will contact you to introduce themselves and set up a time to meet. You are welcome to (not required to) bring a Mentoring Agreement Form  to the first meeting as a starting point for establishing ground rules, expectations and goals of your mentoring relationship. Each time you meet with a mentee, please fill out the Mentor Reporting Survey.

Steering Team

Paul Oliphant, Co-Chair

Patrick Johnson, C0-Chair

Sara Nagreen

Karl Weirauch

Deborah Helman

This program was sponsored by the CIO and developed by the UW IT Onboarding Team.