UW IT Mentoring

UW-IT Mentoring connects UW–‍Madison employees with fellow colleagues in peer relationships that enhance skills, knowledge and experience.

What does an ideal mentoring relationship look like?

It’s a relationship in which the mentor and mentee meet, introduce themselves and establish objectives and goals for their roles in the relationship. Together, they develop a mutually beneficial plan. During the term of the relationship, and ideally beyond, the mentee would:

  • Freely pose questions and solicit advice from the mentor related to job or task challenges.
  • Request professional introductions and referrals, as determined by the success and comfort level of the mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Consider with the mentor what goals to work toward.

How do you know when you’ve succeeded?

  • Mentor-to-mentee pairing comes as close as possible to the mentee’s stated objectives for the relationship.
  • The mentor and mentee agree on high-level tasks and exercises for the mentee – including real-life ones and tasks that also benefit the mentor.

What’s the difference between mentoring and networking?

Both include mentor experience and knowledge and depend on the mentor-mentee relationship.

  • Mentoring can be defined as plans, discussions and activities with a major focus on learning and task achievement.
  • Networking includes a targeted focus on professional relationships beyond just that of the mentor and mentee, joining groups, raising visibility, volunteering, teaching and guiding others and making personal introductions.

Annual Matchup 2024

The program will match mentors with mentees who will then establish clear expectations and goals in their mentoring relationship. A flexible one-year format with clear expectations and outcomes for those in a mentoring relationship.

The year will consist of a series of sponsored events to support and grow these relationships and promote cross-campus collaboration, focusing on fostering mentoring relationships in times of uncertainty. Signups for 2024 have closed. Please join the mailing list to hear about upcoming events and mentorship opportunities open to all IT staff!

The 2024 kick-off event is January 17 from noon to 2pm at Union South.

Steering Committee

  • Conor Klecker / co-lead
  • Lindsay Bolan / co-lead
  • David Parter
  • Ella Tschopik
  • Matt Fleming
  • Sara Nagreen

This program was sponsored by the CIO and developed by the UW IT Onboarding Team.