Policy Planning & Analysis Team (PAT)

The PAT provides campus-wide representation and assistance in supporting the activities and processes that govern the development and maintenance of IT policies. This group is part of the IT Governance structure and is a subcommittee of the campus IT Committee (ITC). The PAT helps IT governance ensure that IT policies are necessary and appropriate, that the development process is collaborative and transparent, and that the supporting procedural and technical implementation enables efficient and effective compliance.
The major roles of PAT include:

  1. Advise on IT policy engagement with the UW–‍Madison community and guide such communications.
  2. Identify needed policies, existing policies that need revision, or policies that are no longer needed.
  3. Maintain a repository of IT policies.
  4. Analyze and comment upon policies and related documents before they are submitted to IT governance for consideration.
  5. Work with sponsors during the review and approval process as well as with other university governance and decision-making bodies.
  6. Monitor policy development and improve the IT Policy Principles and Procedures.
  7. Identify other UW–‍Madison policies with significant IT components or implications and work with their sponsors to ensure that these policies and the IT policies are consistent with each other.

The PAT is working on a variety of current policy initiatives.