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  • Hands of robot and human touching on big data network connection background

    Discover the present and future of open-source AI

    Sep 29, 9:15am via Zoom. Join us for a discussion about the state of research into large language models with Sebastian Raschka, lead AI educator at Lightning AI.

  • Laptop and an abstract of a line chart on a blue background.

    DoIT operations core monthly report

    The monthly reports offer a broad view of Division of Information Technology operations, intended to enhance transparency and continuously improve our services through data-informed decision-making.

  • Glitchy background image of campus with wifi icon

    Campus wireless network remains stable

    We believe the recent issues have been resolved. If you have problems connecting to Wi-Fi, please contact the DoIT Help Desk. Always check for the latest updates on any outage.

  • Microsoft Teams logo

    Meet the new Microsoft Teams for Windows

    The new desktop client has been reimagined from the ground up, providing a faster, simpler, more flexible experience. Try it out and explore the latest features and enhancements. Available 1st for Windows; coming soon for Mac.

  • Bascom Hill photo with the Universal Accessibility icon

    3 things you can do to start building a more accessible digital campus

    Our goal at UW–Madison is to ensure that all people, regardless of their ability, can use all of our public websites, applications, digital documents and experiences. Learn about the new policy—and what you can do to help.

  • Cute badger fishing in a pond.

    Learn about the storytelling process through video & podcasts

    Sep 27, 1pm via Zoom. Join the UW Design Community to get insight into the creative process from Bonnie Willison, Wisconsin Sea Grant video and podcast producer.

  • Bucky showing Wisconsin W hands with DoIT guide icons

    What is TechNews?

    Welcome to a new academic year, Badgers! If this is your 1st time reading TechNews—or if you need a refresher—here's what you can expect in your inbox each month.

  • Student with laptop on Bascom Hill

    Engage eText: What students need to know

    If your fall semester courses offer digital textbooks via Engage, here’s what you need to know—including how much money students have saved on print textbooks. (Hint: It's more than enough to satisfy a sweet tooth...)

  • Illustration depicting content creation

    Engage eText: Order for spring semester by Dec 1

    If you’re an instructor interested in ordering Engage digital materials for your spring semester courses, the ordering period begins Sep 25.

  • An image of 2 talk bubble and a coin.

    Get paid to help build a better digital campus

    Students employed at UW–‍Madison can join our research panel to provide your perspective on websites and apps. Participants earn $25 per session.

  • Glowing blue "AI" text is imprinted on a chip on a motherboard

    Is AI racist? Join us Sep 22 to examine racial bias in AI and explore solutions

    Sep 22, 9:15am via Zoom. Join us for a conversation with Lori Kido Lopez, UW–‍Madison professor and author of "Race and Digital Media," about racial bias in AI design and use.

  • Text reading "AI artificial Intelligence" floats in a blue and purple soundwave illustration.

    Campus guidance on generative AI in teaching & learning

    Instructors: Looking for guidance about using artificial intelligence in your courses? Resources from the Division for Teaching & Learning include sample syllabus language and a webinar featuring a panel of instructors.

  • EDUCAUSE exhibit hall building with attendees gathering

    Learn & grow with EDUCAUSE

    Take advantage of UW–Madison's EDUCAUSE membership and join us for free webinars and learning labs. Upcoming topics include building a personal brand, generative artificial intelligence in higher ed and the changing landscape of online education.

  • Cup of tea next to laptop

    Join us for ‘CommunITea’

    Thursdays, 3:30pm via Zoom. A weekly event for IT and IT-adjacent folks to socialize with peers and connect in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

  • UW–Madison's NetID login screen zooming through bright lights.

    Soon you’ll be able to use your NetID in more places. Here’s why that matters

    Over the next couple of years, the Active Directory Migrations Project will merge more campus services into the NetID single sign-on service. Learn how that will make for a more secure and user-friendly experience.

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