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August 11 presentation

Topic: What Is Zero Trust? The Role Of Continuously Assessing Device And Identity Health

Speaker: Eric Wing, Regional Technical Leader, Trend Micro

When: Wednesday, August 11, noon-1pm CST

Track: Technical

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The world is changing, and our traditional security models have failed to keep up. The Zero Trust model is unique because it requires verification of everyone either inside or outside your network, removing that network edge mentality from your security landscape. In this session we will discuss the reasoning behind the Zero Trust model, the value it provides, and how it should be incorporated into security design.

Attendees will:

  • understand why traditional security models do not meet today’s security requirements
  • gain knowledge about the Zero Trust security model and why continuously assessing device and identity health is needed
  • learn to redesign their current security model with Zero Trust

August 18 presentation

Topic: Is Security Awareness Enough to Protect Your Organization?

Speaker: James McQuiggan, Security Awareness Advocate, KnowBe4

When: Wednesday, August 18, noon-1pm CST

Track: Strategic

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Organizations have security awareness and training programs. However, how many of the employees take it, retain it, or use it? If the program is useful, why do data breaches continue to occur almost every 14 seconds through phishing attacks or misconfigured and unpatched systems? Creating a security culture in an organization in which security is part of every employee’s mindset, in addition to security training can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach through employees.

Attendees will:

  • understand why security culture is essential and needed with security awareness and training
  • learn how to implement policies for a strong security culture within your organization
  • learn how to effectively measure your security culture

About Cybersecurity Forward 2021

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The webinar series will be an hour-long weekly virtual presentation every Wednesday, noon-1pm CST, July through September. 

Presentations will fall into one of three categories:

  • Technical: How to better use a cybersecurity tool or use tools together
  • Strategic: How to lead in an organization or project
  • Practical: Actions that non-cyber security savvy individuals can take to be more secure

More information is available on the Cybersecurity Forward website.