University of Wisconsin–Madison

Eduroam’s Trusted Certificate Gets an Update

Eduroam, UW–Madison’s secure wireless network, updated its trusted certificate on Wednesday, May 22. If you are prompted to “trust” the new certificate, please do so. A valid certificate guarantees that the network you’re connecting to is legitimate.

If you’re not using Eduroam to connect to the internet, we recommend you do so. Eduroam uses end-to-end encryptions, preventing cyber criminals from viewing and intercepting your “wireless traffic” (e.g., your login name and passwords, the websites you visit, the emails you send and receive, etc.).

When you use “open” networks like UWNet or free Wi-Fi in coffee shops or other public places, your wireless traffic isn’t secure. The traffic you’re generating can potentially be viewed and intercepted or stolen by others.

Eduroam is easily accessed using your and your password. It’s available in over 78 countries and hundreds of educational institutions. Once you set up an Eduroam profile on your device it will automatically connect when available.

Learn how to access Eduroam and set up an Eduroam profile on your device. If you have questions, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.