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Expanded WiscVPN ranges may require update to firewall rules

As the COVID-19 situation began to develop, DoIT Network Services identified a need for additional VPN connections due to predicted social distancing. More users working remotely would mean more users securely connecting to our servers with VPNs, so we opened up new WiscVPN ranges to accommodate the university community.

When this expansion was initiated, firewall admins were notified of this change to ensure that firewall rules would be updated to accommodate the new range. But other devices may require additional configuration to accommodate VPN addresses in the new ranges. Some examples of this are host-based firewall rules on servers and workstations, routers or laboratory equipment.

If you or a user are having issues that you suspect are related to firewall rules, please contact the DoIT Help Desk. They will help determine whether it is a client installation issue and escalate if needed.

For more information, including details about the VPN range in use now, please see the knowledge base article “Well‑known UW–‍Madison Campus IP address ranges and hosts.”