University of Wisconsin–Madison
Illustration of people working on devices, making updates, and coding.

Gartner Research And Expertise At Your Fingertips

DoIT has invested in a contract with Gartner to provide research and advisory services to all IT staff across UW-Madison. Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) provides in-depth technical expertise to equip IT practitioners and technical teams with how-to guidance across the entire project life cycle—from technical planning, architecture, and design to in-depth product evaluation, benchmarking, and deployment strategies.

The GTP license includes unlimited access to Gartner’s technical research library as well as unlimited 60-minute calls with subject matter experts across a wide range of technical needs, including:

  • Application Architecture & Platforms
  • Application Development
  • Business Analytics & AI
  • Cloud Computing
  • Collaboration & End-User Technologies
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Integration Architecture & Platforms
  • IT Operations & Cloud Management
  • Security Operations
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Security Technology & Infrastructure

UW–Madison’s Gartner Technical Professionals Client Relationship Associate, Tiffany Leiva, can assist you and your team with questions about the resources and how to set up calls with technical analysts. If you would like to invite Tiffany to attend your team meetings to help you collaborate on resources, please feel free to reach out to her directly.

For greater detail about the resources available through our GTP license, as well as information on how to access the Gartner portal, please visit the Gartner for Technical Professionals guide.

—Dave Pagenkopf, Deputy Chief Information Officer