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Home internet connection doctor service

Are you struggling with your home internet connection as you try to attend and participate in virtual lectures, labs, class meetings, and exams from home? The DoIT Help Desk can help!

Many things can cause connection problems, such as your computer’s settings and components, the location of your router, your internet service provider’s (ISP) performance and other issues. We can help you troubleshoot and diagnose problems with your home internet connection.

Signs that you might have an internet problem

Internet problems at home can be hard to recognize. Signs of an internet problem can include:

  • Canvas web pages are slow to load
  • Canvas files won’t upload
  • Video presentation is choppy or doesn’t play
  • Piazza conversations don’t appear
  • Participation in Webex or Teams video conferences is difficult because of choppy video or audio

How we can help

When we talk to you, we’ll use a variety of tools to help troubleshoot and diagnose your home computer and internet setup. Depending what we find, we may be able to help you fix the problem then, or we might have to make an appointment with you for a follow-up. Either way, we’ll make suggestions that might include:

  • Moving your computer to be closer to your wireless access point
  • Using a traditional network cable to plug in to your home router instead of WiFi
  • Applying software updates, or removing software from a home computer
  • Contacting your internet service provider and asking them specific questions
  • Recommending that you ask others using your home network to reduce their network use while you’re participating in online classes and/or remote meetings
  • Recommending new equipment or services to purchase for your home network, such as WiFi access points, a router, computer or ISP

How to contact us

Need help with something else?

  • Need help participating in your courses? Your instructor is your best resource.
  • Need a disability-related accommodation? Contact the McBurney Disability Resource Center for assistance.