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Smartphone displaying Duo log in screen

How to add a new device to MFA‑Duo

Got a new smartphone for the holidays? Follow these easy steps to manage your MFA-Duo preferences and devices. 

  1. Log into the MFA-Duo portal at using:
    • Your old device
    • Your registered token
    • One of your backup passcodes
    • Select Request Temporary Passcode (only if you’ve previously set up your NetID Recovery Questions)
    • Contact the DoIT Help Desk, verify your identity, and receive a temporary passcode
  2. Click on Manage MFA Preferences and Devices

  3. If you’re keeping your same phone number, click the Reactive Duo Mobile and follow the instructions
  4. If you’re getting a different phone number, set up your your smartphone following the same instructions as adding a new phone:
    • Add your new phone number
    • Download the free green Duo mobile application from the App Store or Google Play
    • Scan the QR code with your new device to complete the process
    • Remove your old device and phone number

If you need help or have questions, please review the MFA-Duo KnowledgeBase articles or contact the DoIT Help Desk.