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Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Migrate Your Assets from Adobe Cloud

Whether you’re graduating or changing focus for the summer, you can migrate your Creative Cloud assets from your UW-Madison account to new Creative Cloud free membership accounts. Migrating to a personal account allows you to take your Adobe assets with you wherever you go next.

Take the steps outlined here so you can take your assets with you:

You will be able to have ongoing access to your assets, including work such as Adobe Photoshop images and Illustrator graphics, Adobe Spark pages, Adobe Portfolio websites and your Behance profiles. 

I was in a class in the spring that gave me Adobe access. What happens for summer/fall semester?

Access granted for Spring 2021 will be discontinued on May 17. You will need to re-enroll using this procedure to continue your access if you are enrolled in a summer class that requires Adobe software. Adobe account access depends on your enrollment, so if you are no longer enrolled in a class that gives you access, you will lose that access. You can download any previously uploaded cloud items for 90 days after you lose access, after which they will be removed by Adobe. If you are graduating, you can migrate your files using the link above. Fall semester access will be determined later this summer.

I need help!

If you have other questions about Adobe applications and eligibility, please see our KB article on Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Pro subscriptions or contact the Help Desk