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Smartphone displaying Duo log in screen

Set up a new smartphone with MFA-Duo

Getting a new smartphone this holiday season? Follow these steps for easy setup with MFA-Duo:

  1. Print off one set of backup passcodes. 
    • Remember each backup passcode can be used only once. 
    • All will expire after four months, OR when you print off a new set of backup passcodes.
  2. Log into MFA-Duo at (use a backup passcode if you no longer have your old device)
  3. Go to “Manage Your Devices” (you’ll have to re-authenticate with MFA-Duo)
  4. Click on “Device Options” (next to your old smartphone)
  5. Click on “Reactivate Duo Mobile” and go through the setup process to add your new smartphone
  6. Follow the same procedure you used when you first enrolled with your first smartphone:
    • Add your phone number
    • Download the green Duo mobile application from the App Store or Google Play
    • Scan the QR code with your new device to complete the process
  7. Be sure to wipe the data from your old smartphone if you plan to resell it

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