Finalist Presentation

HRIS Application Support Associate Director Finalist Presentation

Interim HRIS Associate Director Scott Nachazel has been selected as the finalist for this human resource information system (HRIS) position. He will give a finalist presentation Jan 18, open to UW–Madison faculty and staff. Please join us so you can share your thoughts on our finalist.

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HRIS Application Support Associate Director Finalist Presentation

ADI does application business analysis, design, programming, integration, testing and project management. We work closely with customers in primarily administrative units, both within UW-Madison and across UW System schools. We use a wide range of tools and techniques to build applications that will run in all environments, along with implementing and supporting packaged software and developing application interfaces.

Director of Application Development & Integration: Dave Pagenkopf

Project Management Office

The ADI Project Management Office (PMO) provides professional project definition (business analysis) and project management services to campus and System organizations facing change and project challenges beyond their present capabilities. PMO staff can have immediate impact as either advisors or embedded team members. The PMO is already familiar with many UW systems and functions, and with the full spectrum of requirements, planning, and management practices and methodologies (e.g. structured interviews, facilitated workshops, SDLC, waterfall, agile). The PMO can address your change and project situation depending on budget, timeline, and requirements pressures and unknowns.

Financial Applications

Financial Applications plays a key role with all campuses in the UW System, through data related to planning, controlling, recording, and reporting the university’s financial activities. This includes financial and supply chain management systems, research administration, financial reporting, accounting, and gift and grant accounting. This unit has been responsible for the implementation and upgrades to the PeopleSoft Shared Financial System (SFS), which is used by all campuses, as well as Grants, WISDM, and PI Financials.

HRS Infrastructure and Applications

HRS Infrastructure and Applications is comprised of two groups with one primary purpose: the implementation and stabilization of the PeopleSoft Human Resource System, which is used across all UW System campuses. The data in this system relates to the employment of persons at the university, and includes applicants, appointments, vacancies, as well as data related to appointments, compensation, and benefits specific to an individual. Additionally, this area maintains the recruitment system used at the Madison campus.

Integrated Applications

Integrated Applications provides front-end web development, enterprise-scale software engineering, and integration services for campus-wide services provided by DoIT.  Services available to campus include front-end web development and custom integration with our enterprise data sources.  To contact us or for more information:

Student Applications

Student Applications works with a wide variety of data – curricular, student records, financial records, and housing. Its scope is primarily UW-Madison, but it is also involved with integration between student information systems on the other campuses.

With student records, data relates to a student’s academic relationship with the university from the application process through involvement with alumni organizations. Student systems include registration systems for UW-Madison, as well as its Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) and the Extended Access to Student Information System (EASI). The data allows for credential tracking of applicants, course articulation for transfer students, standardized test scores, high school records, graduate and undergraduate admissions, enrollment, student demographic and address information, student course and grade records, transcript, advising, and degree granting. This group is responsible for the technical implementation and maintenance of the PeopleSoft Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) for the UW-Madison campus.

Curricular data includes course offerings, course equivalencies, course characteristics, and instructors for the UW-Madison Timetable and Bulletin systems, Course Access Planning, and Effort Allocation. Financial data covers a student’s financial interactions with the university, through Financial Aid packaging, Student Accounts Receivable, and Student Fee processing. Housing data pertains to single student and married student housing operations at UW-Madison, including housing assignment and billing.

Web and Mobile Solutions

The Web and Mobile Solutions (WaMS) team develops custom, data-driven web and mobile applications for departments all across campus. It further provides enterprise software engineering and integration services between campus systems.  WaMS developers can be contacted at: