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Information Insights: Shaping Futures with Data & Computing

UW–Madison’s Data Science Hub is hosting the 4th annual Research Bazaar, focused on the theme “Information Insights: Shaping Futures with Data & Computing,” February 22 to 23.

The Research Bazaar will include lightning talks, interactive discussions, workshops and a poster session focused on data science and computing for researchers. In addition, it will feature a career panel and an exhibit of art relating to science and technology. Events are in-person at the Discovery Building on the UW–Madison campus.

The Research Bazaar is an inclusive, community-building event at UW–Madison for researchers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and community members, including students.

UW–Madison’s Research Bazaar is modeled off the international Research Bazaar, a worldwide festival that promotes digital literacy in research and aims to equip researchers with digital skills and tools to do their work more efficiently.

2023 Research Bazaar event details

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