University of Wisconsin–Madison
UW Office of Cybersecurity

Learn the basics of Qualys vulnerability scanning

All computing systems, like web applications and servers, have vulnerabilities—whether you know about them or not. These vulnerabilities and misconfigurations could result in systems that put the university at risk. The more you know about these vulnerabilities, the more you can remediate them and help protect UW–‍Madison computing systems from data loss. 

The Office of Cybersecurity’s supported vulnerability scanning tool, Qualys Vulnerability Management, is our campus-wide offering to help solve this problem. Through an automated process of identifying known security vulnerabilities, Qualys will help you find areas that need attention and allow you to better prioritize remediation to secure your endpoints.

Anyone on campus who manages endpoints is welcome to join us for a discussion of Qualys. We’ll be covering the basics of what Qualys does and how, as well as the process for installing and configuring it to work on your systems.

Qualys 101

Tue, Feb 25, 2020
Memorial Library, Room 126

Thu, March 5, 2020
Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR), Room 1022

We hope to see you there, feel free to bring your own lunch! Visit the vulnerability scanning service page for more information about Qualys, and look for future events surrounding the Qualys Web Application Scanner and Policy Compliance.


Please contact Kim Davies.