Network firewall work targeting October 2022

Cybersecurity to the Edge (C2E) is a broad set of initiatives focused on significantly reducing risk across the campus landscape. One of the high-priority efforts within C2E is improving campus network protection (aka “the firewall”).

A small team of campus stakeholders, the Network Firewall Advisory Group (NFWAG) C2E Badger Team, are working together to draft a set of consistent and repeatable procedures and best practices to ensure that the university is poised to withstand any future breach. 

This team’s work will center on the following 3 tasks, with a targeted completion date of October 2022.

  1. Review Network Firewall policy (UW-513) (source: and provide recommendations for maintenance revisions, if necessary.
  2. Evaluate the Network Firewall policy implementation plan (source: and provide revision recommendations.
  3. Draft a set of best practices for campus firewall regulations that align with UW-513. These best practices will be published to the IT Policy page on

Additional updates and insights will be communicated about this work as it progresses.

For questions, please contact: