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New IT Policies Published To Campus Shared Policy Library

We are informing you of a number of new policies that have gone into effect this spring. You can also find these policies in the new UW–Madison Policy Library. These policies have an impact on IT staff time and will require participation to implement. Discussion should be had with IT staff within your Division. 

UW–Madison Web Conferencing Technology Use Policy

  • Replaces the Provisional UW–Madison Online Collaboration Session Recording Policy (eff. March 16, 2020). 
  • Reduces technical, legal, privacy, and reputational risk that could impact UW–Madison’s operational mission (e.g., instruction, research, outreach). 
  • Supports compliance with applicable legal, contractual, and institutional obligations in order to meet the need for safe and secure use, recording, archiving, or rebroadcasting of interactive conversations, lectures, laboratory sessions, or other web conferences.

Endpoint Management and Security Policy

  • Assists in the reduction of risk and security breaches that could compromise the integrity of university IT infrastructure and protects the university against reputational harm, unintended access, exposure, modification, or removal of university-owned data. 
  • Promotes good stewardship of UW–Madison’s significant investments in IT resources, which include IT infrastructure, computing systems, network systems, and industrial control systems.
  • Will be effective April 8, 2022 as the implementation plan and policy standards are still currently in development.

IT Asset Reporting Policy

  • Establishes an IT asset reporting program which provides the framework, guidelines, and requirements for reporting accurate IT asset data at UW–Madison.
  • Supports procurement, maintenance, security, and disposal operations, and assists with the identification of institutional IT spending.
  • Informs IT strategic planning and provides data to identify and resolve Cybersecurity risks.

IT Asset Reporting Policy Implementation Plan

  • Provides decision-making guidance and timeline for IT Asset Reporting Program implementation.
  • Covers frequency of updates for reporting IT asset information to the central program repository. 
  • Stay tuned for the development of standards.

Questions, feedback, concerns, or interested in participating on a current or future policy drafting team?  Send an email to