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Prepare for upcoming Google Workspace storage quotas

Google is phasing out its free, unlimited storage model—which means changes are coming soon for UW‍–‍Madison Google Workspace accounts.

What is changing?

  • My Drive and shared drive accounts: Starting June 1, 2023, a 25 GB default quota will be implemented for newly created accounts and all accounts using less than 25 GB.
  • Service accounts: Starting June 1, 2023, newly created service accounts and existing service accounts using 0 GB will receive a 0 GB default storage quota.
  • Temporary quotas: Account holders (including service accounts) using more than the default quota will receive a temporary quota greater than their current storage. They will have until May 31, 2024 to move or delete data, or request a long-term exception.
  • If you’re over the quota, you can request additional storage for My Drive and/or shared drives. More about this process is outlined below.
  • Exceptions for service accounts are not available. All data must be moved or deleted from service accounts by May 31, 2024.

Learn more about the exception request process

Users who are unable to reduce their usage below the quota limit can request a long-term storage quota for My Drive and/or shared drive accounts that exceed the 25 GB default storage limit.

Key details:

  • June 1, 2023: The request form will be available in a KB for My Drive and shared drive only.
  • May 31, 2024: Temporary quota exceptions for accounts over 25 GB expire (see the “What is changing” section for more information about temporary quotas). If individuals do not reduce their storage below 25 GB or request a long-term exception by May 31, 2024, their account will be assigned the default 25 GB quota and will be read-only until they delete/move data, or submit a long-term storage exception request. You will not be able to sync or upload new files if you exceed your storage quota. Learn more.
  • To request a quota exception for a shared drive, you must have the role of “manager.”

To learn more about the exception request process and for a list of resources, see the KB article “UW–‍Madison Google Workspace – Prepare for the upcoming storage quotas.


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