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Cybersecurity Forward 2020 has moved to FREE online presentations beginning July 8 and running through October 7. All presentations will be held noon-1pm on Wednesdays. You can learn more about the the offerings and register at Cybersecurity Forward 2020. The first two presentations are as follows:

July 8

Presenter: Jeff Westphal, Trend Micro
Topic: Your Modernized Application is at Risk. A Pragmatic Approach to Security Design

DevOps enables businesses to stay agile and respond rapidly to changes in the market. This same agility can put the business at risk if security is not prioritized as the first step to cloud adoption and migration. In this session, learn how to leverage cloud-native controls and integrate security into containerized, serverless, and computer-based architectures. Only through a single integrated toolset can we increase visibility, automate threat detection, and add continuous compliance checks to achieve true application modernization.

July 15

Presenter: Chad R. Johnson, UW-Stevens Point
Topic: Analysis Techniques in Image Forgery Detection

A common frustration in the investigative process is the authentication of digital images. It is difficult to definitively conclude that an image is legitimate for the purpose of evidence collection, subject identification, or timeline reconstruction. This presentation will provide some insight into the tools and techniques used to detect image forgery and alterations beyond mere observation by examining embedded noise, wave-forms, and lossy-format error levels. It will also cover the concept of camera ballistics used to match images to the camera used to capture it.

July 22

Presenters: Bob Turner, UW–‍Madison CISO; Stefan Wahe, CIO and IT Director, UW–‍Madison CALS
Topic: How Cybersecurity Prepared Me to Become a CIO

From Stefan Wahe: “As a cybersecurity professional, I spent 20 years guiding how information technology should be secured to support the mission of an organization. During these years, I was often told, ‘you have to think about how cybersecurity must balance the risk to the needs of the user community.’ From this, I learned how to speak in academic and business language rather than in cybersecurity terminology.  In this presentation, I will share the skills I learned to talk beyond cybersecurity to achieve business decisions and broaden my career journey.”

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