Bob Turner

Saying Thank You And Goodbye To Bob Turner

A message from Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost for Information Technology Lois Brooks

UW–‍Madison Chief Information Security Officer Bob Turner recently announced that he is leaving UW–‍Madison to pursue an opportunity outside of the university. I’m grateful to Bob for all he has done for the university and for being such an effective and thoughtful colleague. 

In his 6 years of leadership at UW–‍Madison, Bob led the team that built a comprehensive cybersecurity program at the university that enables us to prevent many problems and to respond quickly and effectively when they do happen. Bob’s commitment to attracting talented people and supporting their ongoing professional development has been instrumental in our ability to keep the university cybersecure. We now have an exceptional team of cybersecurity professionals and a growing community of technologists and managers who actively practice cybersecurity risk management. 

In addition, Bob’s thoughtful reflections on “The Colors of Cybersecurity” began a conversation at the university focused on evolving technical language away from offensive terms and toward a lexicon more accurate and inclusive. The IT Talks Technical committee and community, which Bob formed and led, will continue this important work. 

Jeff Savoy, currently deputy chief information security officer and director of cybersecurity operations, has been appointed interim chief information security officer, effective July 17, 2021. Jeff has been with UW–‍Madison since 1995, progressing through his career in a series of increasingly challenging roles. He has been a full partner in developing UW–‍Madison’s cybersecurity program. Jeff is an alumnus of UW–‍Madison and taught in the forensics certification program at Madison Area Technical College for many years.

Please join me in congratulating Jeff on his new position, and in thanking Bob for the contributions and the collegiality he has shown to us all.