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Starting, Changing, Or Ending An IT Service? Here’s What To Do

Most DoIT colleagues are aware of departments, services and tools like the Help Desk, Systems and Network Control Center (SNCC), KnowledgeBase (KB), and Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Many fewer DoIT colleagues are aware of how, or even if, these various entities coordinate with each other to provide the framework and support needed to keep hundreds of IT services operating. There is, in fact, a team and a process dedicated to this sometimes herculean effort: Service Transition.

When a decision is made to start, change, or stop a service, there are many interconnected pieces within DoIT that need to be made aware of the move in order to effectively manage that service. 

  • A new service needs Help Desk handling documentation in place in order for Help Desk agents to appropriately assist a user during that inevitable first call for support.
  • A new service requires appropriate support contact information for the SNCC 24×7 staff, during business hours as well as non-business hours.
  • An existing service that changes software or support will need updates to all relevant KnowledgeBase documentation.
  • A decommissioned service should not live on to clutter up the CMDB or the KB and will need to be archived to avoid confusion and outdated information.
  • A service undergoing any form of transition will undoubtedly require communication with end-users and other stakeholders regarding the implications of that transition.

Service transition flowchart

These are just a few of the many items that need to be addressed and that is where the Service Transition team comes in. Anyone involved in starting, changing, or ending a service should reach out to the Service Transition team for assistance in documenting, tracking, and executing all of the necessary coordinated tasks that will aid smoother service provision at DoIT.

Are you responsible for transitioning a service or think you may be in the future? The Service Transition Team will be hosting a virtual lunch and learn to provide more information about the service transition process. In addition to an overview, members of the team will be available to address questions related to specific stages of the service transition process or how various DoIT departments tie into that process.

Service Transition Lunch & Learn

Tue Nov 17 | 12:30-1:30pm

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We look forward to engaging with you at the event and throughout your service transition process.

—DoIT Service Transition Team