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"IT Pro Conf 2021" over the top of an aerial image of downtown Madison.

Last Chance! IT Professionals Conference Call for Proposals

Boldly do what you may not have considered doing before: Share your knowledge and experience at this year’s virtual 2021 UW IT Professionals Conference!

Submit a Proposal Today

Submissions are due this week: Friday, April 9.

The IT Professionals Conference brings our IT community together to share our experiences and benefit from one another. You do not need to be an expert on a topic; all IT professionals have something to share!

Have you:

  • Developed some tips and tricks?
  • Made interesting observations?
  • Worked an interesting project?
  • Had a project that didn’t work well or had to be retooled?

We could all benefit from learning about it. Please consider what you could share with your peers. If you don’t have a fully-formed idea, that’s OK! We welcome all submissions and can help you fully develop your idea.

Don’t let a lack of presentation experience keep you from sharing! We offer plenty of resources and personal guidance to help you present with confidence. Your presentation can be almost any length and you have the option to pre-record it at your leisure, tweak it, and get it just right well before the conference. We have ways to help you succeed, so don’t be afraid to submit!

Save the Date

This year’s conference will be the first week of June, with most live sessions on Thursday, June 3.


Please let us know at