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Yellow phone with 10 digit phone number

Coming soon: The FCC will require 10-digit dialing

Coming soon, callers in the 608 area code will need to use 10 digits to dial local phone numbers due to a change by the Federal Communication Commission. This will affect some services used by UW-Madison employees. Some of the phone lines may also be attached to devices that are programmed to automatically dial numbers, such as alarm, modem or fax machines.

Machines programmed to auto dial

If these machine(s) are still on analog Centrex lines and are programmed to auto-dial local off-campus numbers, you will need to update them to include 9 (for outside line) and 1 plus the area code. (So, 10-digit dialing on Centrex is becoming 12-digit dialing.) For example, if the old dialing pattern was 9-555-1234, it will need to be 9-1-608-555-1234. The new dialing pattern is functional now, so you don’t need to wait to change programming. If you need help programming your machine, please contact your device manufacturer or service provider.

Centrex desk phones (those not branded Cisco)

This change in dialing also affects all other remaining Centrex lines. Please let your group know that they will need to include 9 (for outside line) and 1 plus the area code for local calls starting on October 24.

Cisco VoIP desk phones, Jabber, and Finesse (contact center software)

Please note that his change does not affect how Cisco VoIP phones or Jabber work. You may continue using them as you always have.

Find more about these changes on this KnowledgeBase article.

If you have any other questions, please contact the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-4357 or