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There’s a New Login Process for Service Accounts on Outlook’s Web Client

Beginning April 1, there is a new process for accessing your service email accounts using Outlook’s web client. Microsoft’s recommended workflow for accessing service accounts is through the ‘Open Another Mailbox’ feature in Outlook on the web.

First things first, what’s a service account?

Service accounts are email accounts intended to be used for shared roles, such as secretary, webmaster, newsletter and feedback, for example, or for accounts with service and programmatic access, such as printers, copiers and mailers. This is different from your personal account, which takes the form of

Do I have any service accounts?

If you do, it’s likely that you already know this because it’s part of your role at the university. See here for instructions on how to access a list of all service accounts linked with your NetID.

How do I log in to my service account now?

Please see our KB article, “Office 365- How to access a Service Account.”

Why is this change happening?

Microsoft changed the internal process that affected the landing page we used to interact with service accounts. 

Several years ago, we built an internal landing page with the goal of providing more information to UW–Madison email users before logging into an account. This landing page workaround was not a workflow created by Microsoft. In short, Microsoft made a change that no longer allows us to use a deep link process as an alternative way to access our service accounts.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this new process, please contact Help Desk