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Top 5 Gartner picks of the week

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Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

Strategic technology trends have the potential both to create opportunity and to drive significant disruption. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must evaluate these top trends to determine how combinations of trends can power their innovation strategies.

Solution Path for Achieving Continuous Delivery With Agile and DevOps

Robust continuous delivery solutions require agile fluency and maturity, refactoring application architecture and automating infrastructure to achieve increased delivery cadence. Technical professionals should use this Solution Path to enable continuous delivery of quality solutions.

The Cloud Engineer: Skills Guidance for Modern Technical Professionals

The cloud engineer is an evolutionary role for modern technical professionals focused on cloud computing. Cloud engineers are the craftspeople of the digital business era. To remain valuable to their organization and competitive in the market, they must hone both technical and soft skills.

Critical Capabilities for Full Life Cycle API Management

Full life cycle API management is the basis of an effective API strategy. To enable application leaders in digital and integration teams to select the right full life cycle API management software products and services, we define Critical Capabilities based on market research and typical use cases.

2020 Planning Guide Overview: Building Skills for Digital Transformation

Technical professionals find architecture decisions to be increasingly difficult. A widening skills gap exacerbates the problem and can impede digital business transformation. To help address this challenge, we summarize the top trends and planning considerations across 10 key technology areas.