Round 2 Of Network Maintenance This Sunday Will Impact IT Services

DoIT Network Services will be performing a second round of maintenance on our data center network hardware firewall that will have a significant impact on many DoIT-hosted services, as well as services provided by campus partners that are dependent on the data center network. This maintenance is necessary in order to improve the traffic performance on our networks.

The first round of maintenance that occurred last Sunday, May 9 went smoothly with only a few residual issues afterward that were quickly resolved. The next maintenance window will take place May 15, 11:49pm until approximately 4:00am on May 16 and be similar to the previous in scope and impact.

Faculty, staff and students should expect that many IT services will be disrupted or completely unavailable during these maintenance windows. Please see Outage #12490 for a complete list of affected services.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this network maintenance. If you have related questions, please email