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Virtual training on Git basics & GitLab for researchers

Did you know that UW–‍Madison has a GitLab license, available to all researchers on campus? Research groups can use GitLab to write, version and test software, ensuring all UW–‍Madison collaborators have full access to the code. GitLab is built on the free, open-source tool Git, which tracks code changes.

To help researchers make the most of these tools, we are offering 2 virtual trainings in April. These sessions offer a unique opportunity to learn and enhance your proficiency in version control. Trainings will be recorded and made available for later viewing by UW–‍Madison faculty and staff.

Training details

Git basics training

  • Date: Thu, Apr 4
  • Time: 11:55am to 1pm
  • Highlights: Focuses on the command line interface of GitLab that a developer may need when pulling or pushing code to/from the GitLab server

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GitLab introduction training

  • Date: Tue, Apr 23
  • Time: 12:25pm to 1:30pm
  • Highlights: General intro session that gives a high-level overview of GitLab

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Open session for follow-up questions

  • Date: Wed, May 1
  • Time: TBD (check back later for the session time)
  • Registration: Zoom registration link coming soon