University of Wisconsin–Madison

Virtual whiteboards for remote work

If we’d been asked what we’d miss during remote work due to staying safer at home, few of us would’ve answered “whiteboards.” Yet that’s just what Chief Information Officer Lois Brooks mentioned in a recent virtual office hours session. 

For mind-mapping, brain-storming, list-making, diagramming or otherwise ideating on the fly, few tools are as simple or intuitive to use as the humble and ubiquitous whiteboard. 

When working individually, we may not feel their absence as keenly because we can simply use pencil and paper. When working collaboratively, however, some of us are making due with substitutes. Whether we’re ideating on a piece of paper and holding it up to the camera or photographing it and sharing the photo in chat, our success varies.

There are, however, virtual whiteboards that bring us closer to the simple and intuitive experience of using the real thing. Check out the links below to learn more. 

Microsoft Whiteboard

Cisco Webex

Note: The whiteboard feature is also available in Webex Trainings, but not in Webex Events.

Blackboard Collaborate