Windows 11 logo appears in white against a background of blue waves.

Windows 11 coming to DoIT contract partners

Microsoft announced beginning October 15, 2025, no new features or security updates will be released for Windows 10. In response, over the next 2 years, DoIT will upgrade contract partner computers to Windows 11 to maintain a secure environment and stay current with technology.

What to expect & the project timeline

  • DoIT manages over 6,000 computers for 75 contracted partners across campus.
  • Starting in late September, if you get a new computer, it will come with Windows 11.
  • Over the next 2 years, DoIT estimates 2,500 new computers will be deployed with Windows 11, leaving over 3,000 existing computers that will need to be upgraded. Those upgrades will take place over this 2-year period using the same mechanisms currently used to install monthly security updates.
  • Not every computer will be compatible with Windows 11. DoIT will work with each contract partner to identify those computers and determine a plan for replacements.
  • DoIT will communicate with you prior to any upgrades.
  • Not all campus computers are managed by DoIT. If you are unsure who manages your computer, please ask your supervisor or contact the DoIT Help Desk.

What’s new with Windows 11?

The first changes you will notice are:

  • Your taskbar icons have moved to the center of the screen.
  • The start menu is consolidated and live tiles are no longer an option.
  • When you right click on the desktop, there are new options.
  • Right click on file and you’ll find cut, copy and paste replaced by icons for those functions at the top of the menu.
  • The taskbar is now only at the bottom.

Additional things to note:

  • See this Microsoft page for an overview of Windows 11.
  • Though the user interface may look different, you can expect most features to work the same.
  • It still largely behaves like Windows 10 but the new user interface is an interesting hybrid between macOS and Windows 10. The initial login screen looks similar, and the file system is mostly unchanged.
  • Microsoft claims 99%+ application compatibility.
  • See this KB article to view DoIT-verified commonly-used applications.

How do I learn more about Windows 11?

  • See the LinkedIn library for a variety of training options. To learn more about LinkedIn Learning, see the LinkedIn Learning Getting Started KB. If you have never logged into LinkedIn, you will need to create a profile. After, you’ll have access to the entire platform where you can search for Windows 11.
  • You may want to start with this 26-minute quick tips training module.


If you have questions about this change, please contact the Help Desk.