Glitchy background image of campus with alert icon

Confluence upgrade Fri, Jun 3: user access impacted

This message is to inform you about an upgrade to Confluence ( that will impact some users’ access for a brief period of time.

No action is required from you.

During the upgrade, current faculty, staff, and students who are connected to the UW–‍Madison Campus Network (or connecting through the GlobalProtect VPN) should have full access. Any users who are not on the UW–‍Madison Campus Network will be unable to access Confluence.

Access will be limited Friday, June 3 from 11am-10pm. The upgrade will take place from 5-10pm tonight. Once the upgrade is complete, access will return to normal for all users.

For more information, please see the DoIT Outages page. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Shared Tools team by emailing