University of Wisconsin–Madison

Security Software

For Individuals

Every UW-Madison student and employee is encouraged to install the free security software, which includes Symantec AntiVirus and Virtual Private Network (VPN) desktop software. Symantec AntiVirus also includes spyware detection and remediation capabilities.

The software is available for use on work computers* and for any personal computers that access the campus network or its resources. You can download individual security software using the links below.

While you are able to use other brands of anti-virus or spyware products, Symantec AntiVirus is high quality, enterprise-level software that is free of charge and supported by the DoIT Help Desk, meaning that if a question arises while you are installing or using the software, there will be someone available to help you.

* If you are part of a department with its own IT resources, you should check with your department IT administrator before installing software or reconfiguring your work computer.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Identity Finder

More Free Software

With your NetID, you can also access a wide range of other free software including web browsers, email clients, file compression software, a bibliography manager and more. At the Campus Software Library, enter the Personal Store, then click on “Free” under the Software tab menu.

For IT Administrators

UW-Madison IT Administrators have access to the same free security software as individual users. In addition, we provide software and support for running Symantec Antivirus in managed mode. IT staff responsible for large numbers of computers can setup a management server to have all anti-virus clients communicate with one central location for virus definition updates and monitoring. The Symantec downloads include:

  • Full CDs for Symantec products
  • Maintenance releases
  • Advanced troubleshooting tools
  • Managed server setup documentation

Symantec Downloads and Support

With a NetID, IT Administrators can also access a wide range of other free software including:

  • Web browsers
  • Email clients
  • File compression software
  • A bibliography manager