Backup (Bucky Backup)

Last updated on March 9, 2023

Bucky Backup is a flexible backup and recovery solution that utilizes IBM’s Spectrum Protect.



  • Must be a UW–‍Madison faculty or staff member. To set up Bucky Backup you will need a valid DoIT Number (preferred), Project Task, or UDDS code.

Getting started

Please create a Bucky Backup account before installing the Bucky Backup Tivoli Storage Manager Client. Then, follow the Bucky Backup – getting started guide. Contact us for assistance.

Terms of use


Rates are based on the amount of megabytes of backup space used per month (approximate cost in gigabytes per year is also shown).   New rates effective January 1, 2018.

Option Price/Megabytes used per month
Lite $.0000163/MB (approximately $0.20/GB/year)
Enterprise $.00013515/MB (approximately $1.6575/GB/year)
Archive $ .00000814/MB (approximately $0.10/GB/year)

Service options

  • Bucky Backup Lite – Affordable, managed backup that is great for backing up files, computers, applications and departmental servers
  • Bucky Backup Enterprise – Managed backup for enterprise applications and mission critical data
  • Bucky Backup Archive – Cost-effective, long-term archival storage

Available to

  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Staff

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