DoIT numbers

A DoIT Number can be used to purchase most products and services from DoIT.  A DoIT Number is a seven character alpha/numeric number assigned to a funding


  • Open as many DoIT Numbers as you need; use them indefinitely
  • Save time by eliminating the need to create new work orders each year for DoIT services
  • No limit on a single order purchase amount
  • Eliminates credit card company processing fees
  • Quick access to manage your DoIT Numbers, funding and duration dates
  • Itemization of purchase details on your monthly consolidated statement
  • Link and track source funds (grants, projects, etc.) to expenses


  • To use DoIT Numbers, you must be a UW-Madison employee with a valid UW-Madison NetID.

Getting started

Three simple steps to create a DoIT Number:

  1. Gather information you will need to setup your DoIT Number
    • Funding information including fund, grant, project, UDDS, program code, account code – you may also use a range of UDDS numbers
    • The NetID of your supervisor or financial manager
    • Payroll information including payroll division, department and phone number
  2. Register to be a DoIT Numbers first time user
  3. Return to the DoIT Numbers website to manage your DoIT Numbers

See DoIT Numbers access & registration process.

Available to

  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Staff

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