Electronic lab notebooks

Last updated on March 5, 2024

UW–‍Madison provides a digital notebook service called LabArchives to qualified users.  Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) can be used to record and document the research process and to manage digital research data. Accounts are created upon request by, or with the approval of, a Principal Investigator or designee (who also manages the groups and user roles).


  • Securely stores research data, with no limits on amount of data per user or lab.
  • Enables collaboration within research groups and with external groups
  • Allows access over the Internet on a variety of devices
  • Supports use of templates, protocols and processes and integrates with Office 365, Google docs and GraphPad Prism
  • Allows signing, file versioning and activity tracking
  • Includes notebooks, folders, pages, and entries
  • Groups and user roles are managed by the Principal Investigator or designee
  • Uses widgets and tools for creating customized forms
  • Includes basic drawing and chemistry tools
  • Supports exporting and printing notebooks and entries

Getting started

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Terms of use


The Service is available at no cost.

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  • Researchers
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