Electronics recycling

Last updated on February 15, 2024

The DoIT Help Desk recycles old personally owned computing and electronics equipment. We accept computer components from any manufacturer. We partner with Universal Recycling Technology to safely provide a comprehensive data destruction system guaranteed to comply with federal laws and regulations.



  • Free, secure service to recycle your old equipment.
  • Convenient on-campus location.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to putting items in landfill.
  • Recycling methods in compliance with health and safety laws.
  • Meets US Department of Defense and National Security Agency requirements for purging classified information.
  • Meets Federal Privacy Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and state legislation.


  • Once a computer is delivered for recycling, DoIT cannot return it to the owner. Participation in this program constitutes a relinquishment of all rights to the hardware and other computer materials delivered to DoIT.
  • Equipment must be personally owned, all departmentally owned equipment should go through SWAP

Getting started

We recommend deleting information from your computer prior to recycling it. Remember to delete sensitive information, back-up necessary files, and remove all transportable media prior to delivery. Please see media disposal (Windows) – securely erasing a hard drive and media disposal (Mac) – securely erasing a hard drive in Mac OS X for more information about securely erasing hard drives.

DoIT will accept:

  • CD drives
  • CDs / DVDs
  • Computers
  • Hard drives
  • Monitors
  • Power adapters
  • Printers

Note: Screen sizes on computers, monitors and TVs have to be under 25″ measured diagonally and including the bezel.

DoIT can not accept:

  • Batteries that are not an integral part of the system being recycled
  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) that have been removed from their cases, or CRTs that are cracked or broken
  • Departmentally owned equipment of any kind
  • Hazardous waste or contaminated items
  • Products contaminated or suspected of being contaminated with chemicals, biological agents
  • Substances not integral to the original new equipment or otherwise associated with normal office or household environments
  • Telephones, including cell phones. Cell phone recycling is available at Union South.
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • Any equipment with expanding or damaged batteries
  • Any item with a screen size larger than 25″ measured diagonally and including the bezel
  • Ink and toner cartridges. Ink and toner cartridge recycling is available at Union South.

Available to

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

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