Enterprise Content Management

The Enterprise Content Management service (ECMS) enables campus departments to easily manage their content (paper and electronic documents/forms), while simplifying content management and document retrieval.

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  • Consulting services include: analysis, education, design and implementation
  • Simplified and secure document storage, transmission and retrieval
  • Improves business processes and efficiency
  • Reduces storage, paper and mailing needs
  • Easy file access through keyword search


  • Desktop client requires Windows (read more on the client and system requirements)
  • Departments will need a dedicated scanner and workstation, or a multifunction printer/scanner to convert paper documents into electronic versions.
  • Your staff is responsible for imaging a large body of paper

Getting Started

Email imaging-info@lists.wisc.edu to schedule an initial consultation.

Terms of use

Service Level Agreement

Terms of Use


  • A consultant will work with you to guide you through the analysis, education, design, and implementation of ECMS that is right for your office, at no cost to you. An implementation can be simple document archiving/imaging or more complex workflow management as is needed. Phased deployments are often valuable approaches for large or complex deployments.


  • Implementation and use of the ECMS is at no charge.
  • A one-time cost may be incurred for scanner hardware or licenses, if needed.