Event management and monitoring – IT

Last updated on June 23, 2022

Event Management and Monitoring service is responsible for the elevation of select monitored IT detected events into the Service Management system, WiscIT, from any event detector source. The monitors we in Event Management tend to directly set up and administer are those monitoring web applications, remote desktop access, and application services on servers DoIT is responsible for administrating. The primary applications we use for monitoring are Nagios XI and MicroFocus VuGen. We also process events that originate from operational monitoring software that operational administrators run. Our job is facilitating the integration of all of these disparate event monitoring sources into the appropriate areas of WiscIT for handling using the DoIT Cherwell implementation.

Event Management complements the Help Desk in the Service Management role of elevating events that require more support up the chain. The minimum Event Management action is sending notification e-mails when a significant event occurs.


  • Detection of your service issues as they occur versus when a user notices and calls the Help Desk
  • Email notifications as a minimum
  • 24x7 SNCC oversight if desired
  • Outage Page input if desired

Getting started

Please contact us with the following information:

  • Describe what you want monitored
  • How often you want it checked
  • What you want done if it should alarm such as:
    • email notification
    • ensuring someone in the appropriate tech team is directly contacted
    • opening a WiscIT Problem ticket
    • making an Outage Page entry

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