Managed Security Layer (MSL)

Last updated on February 21, 2024

The DoIT Departmental Support Managed Security Layer (MSL) service bundles centrally available endpoint management and security tools offered by UW–‍Madison and the Office of Cybersecurity into an affordable service that can assist UW departments to align with cybersecurity best practices and comply with UW–‍Madison and Universities of Wisconsin policies regarding endpoint management, endpoint security and IT asset management.

DoIT Departmental Support provides custom HCL BigFix and VMWare Workspace ONE installers to enroll departmental systems in patching and software deployment workflows to keep them secure and up-to-date. These workflows include automated, department specific deployments of Cisco Secure Endpoint, Qualys Cloud Agent, and Spirion as well as monthly OS and 3rd party application updates.


  • Local support staff no longer need to become subject matter experts in complicated security and endpoint management tools.
  • Security software is packaged according to the department’s needs and managed in a way that allows for ease of deployment and ongoing administration.
  • Custom content for patching and reporting, above and beyond what is offered by the base toolset’s functionality.
  • Local support staff no longer need to manage and monitor required monthly updates and security scans. However, DoIT can provide local support staff with delegated access to the MSL tools to accommodate a collaborative support model.


  • The MSL service is limited to Macs and Windows PCs running vendor supported operating systems. All tools are cross-platform and work with both Macs and PCs unless otherwise noted.

Getting started

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Once your department has signed an MSL agreement, you will be provided a custom BigFix installer that you can install on all your department’s systems to enroll them in the service.

Shortly after a BigFix installation has been completed on a given computer, it will receive updated security software installations for Cisco Secure Endpoint, Qualys Cloud Agent, and Spirion, and will begin receiving centrally distributed patches and application updates.


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