University of Wisconsin–Madison


MyUW provides applicants, students, faculty, staff, advisors, and instructors with a suite of integrated information resources that are tailored to their roles and interests. Our well-known and trusted platform helps the university work smarter, faster, and safer by providing secure and easy navigation to services, applications, and resources.

Our service strives to provide ease and clarity in a complex digital environment, serving over 150,000 users who collectively login to MyUW-Madison over 20 million times each year.


  • Accessible - Our responsive design serves a range of devices, mobile through desktop.
  • Personalized - Search and browse from links and applications that directly support your UW-Madison experience, then add your favorites to your MyUW home page.
  • Connected - As a well-known platform for campus partners to deliver information, you’ll stay informed and connected to the University.


  • MyUW serves all applicants, students, staff, faculty and researchers. Access to specific content within MyUW depends upon your campus role.

Getting started

UW Madison participants simply visit MyUW.

How to get new content on MyUW?

Anyone on campus can suggest items (apps/widgets/notifications) be added by completing the Suggest an item for the MyUW app directory Google form.

Departments needing additional information on integration may also contact us.

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