Pay-for-print (PaperCut) for departments

Last updated on May 23, 2024

If you want to set up a pay for printing service for your department, computer lab, or office, the Pay-for-Print service (PaperCut) offers an easy solution for tracking and managing printing.


  • Reduces the amount of paper and toner used
  • Frees up IT support staff
  • Supports several methods of payment. Wiscard and Print Account can be used in combination with free printing and managed quotas
  • Print jobs can be released from the user's workstation or from a dedicated release station

Getting started

Service options

Shared printer hosting

DoIT manages an enterprise-level shared printer hosting environment. With the Pay-for-Print service, you can use DoIT’s shared environment at no cost, allowing you to share and manage any networked printer to your lab machines or wirelessly to students and staff

Custom quota

A quota account allows colleges and departments to provide specific students or staff with a defined amount of free printing. Once this account is exhausted, the account may be refilled or the user may use other methods of payment, such as Wiscard. You can create a custom quota that will only be honored at your location. You decide how much printing is allowed, how often, and to which users.

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85% of the revenue from Wiscard use at your location will be reimbursed directly to your department to cover the cost of printing and other uses. The remaining 15% covers sales tax (5.5%), Wiscard costs (6%), and the cost of hosting and managing the Pay-for-Print service (3.5%).

Available to

  • Departments
  • Faculty
  • Staff

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