Storage (Block)

Last updated on February 22, 2024

Flexible, highly available block storage can be used for almost any kind of application, including database storage, virtualization volumes and more. Block storage requires a server and can be connected using Fibre Channel or iSCSI protocols.


  • Storage that looks just like another hard drive to your server
  • DoIT runs the storage, you run the server
  • Pay only for the storage that you use
  • Never worry about replacing a failing hard drive again!
  • No SAN expertise required. We will work with you to get you up and running!
  • Network-based access available through iSCSI connectivity
  • Storage is located in a secure data center facility
  • Fibre channel connectivity available if your server is in a DoIT data center
  • Block storage can scale as you need it to
  • Control access to the storage through your server


  • A server that can be connected to our storage using Fibre Channel or iSCSI
  • A valid DoIT Number
  • Must have an IT admin for storage management
  • Must be a UW–‍Madison department and/or employee

Getting started

Contact us to get started! We will consult with you on all your file storage needs.


  • Fibre Channel - multiple tiers of block storage available to your server, if it is located in DoIT's Data Center. All common industry features and standards are supported via our matrix of block storage equipment vendors. We can deliver the right solution for you today and change as you grow or face shifting demands.
  • Network Attached (iSCSI) - • network-based block storage that resides in the Campus Data Center but can be accessed by your server in a different location.


Option Price
Fibre Channel – Tier 1 $14 per GB per year (Mirrored) + SAN Fee
Fibre Channel – Tier 2 $8 per GB per year (Mirrored) + SAN Fee
$4 per GB per year (Unmirrored) + SAN Fee
Fibre Channel – Tier 3 $1 per GB per year (Mirrored) + SAN Fee
50¢ per GB per year (Unmirrored) + SAN Fee
Network Attached $.20 per GB per year (Unmirrored Only)
No SAN Fee

Fibre Channel Block Storage SAN Fee: $600 per year

Billing Note: Billing is based on the price/GB/year. We will bill your DoIT Number monthly based on your usage.

Available to

  • Departments
  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Staff

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