DoIT Enterprise Integration

Who Is DoIT Enterprise Integration?

DoIT’s Enterprise Integration group provides software engineering and integration services, infrastructure, and consultation to UW–‍Madison. The work we do is varied and challenging in support of UW–‍Madison’s mission. We value curiosity and eagerness to learn, problem solving, DevOps and an agile product mindset, and a commitment to effective, productive teams. We believe in solving whole problems for our partners and expressing solutions through technology.

Enterprise Integration’s portfolio includes integration infrastructure and services, APIs, and products that enable enrolling in courses, degree auditing, and other academic and curricular capabilities. Our team of developers and integrators build and operate integration solutions like APIs through a mix of practicing DevOps, using cloud and on premises technologies, and brokering vended solutions. The UW–‍Madison integration platform we operate also enables self-service integration capabilities to the campus community, enabling our team to focus on enterprise-wide business problems.

Enterprise Integration staffs software engineers/developers and technical integration engineers. In our work, the roles are closely related and there is significant overlap in responsibilities. Our software engineers focus more on development of integration technologies (e.g. APIs) while our technical integration engineers focus more on vended and existing products. Both roles work in concert to orchestrate integration technologies that provide a complete set of services for the UW–‍Madison community.