University of Wisconsin–Madison

University mission

These DoIT departments focus on supporting the teaching, research and outreach mission of the University.

Academic Technology

DoIT Academic Technology supports instructors through a variety of services tailored to help strategize, design, develop and integrate technologies to improve learning outcomes.

Brian McNurlen

Position title: Interim Director of DoIT Academic Technology


Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer supports the university in working toward a more flexible, cohesive and agile IT infrastructure to reduce complexity and modernize existing systems.

Todd Shechter

Position title: Chief Technology Officer


Todd leads the enterprise architecture functions for information technology at UW–Madison, developing the strategy and processes that enable the university to meet three overarching goals: to enable excellence and growth in teaching, research and community engagement; to drive quality and efficiency in university business operations; and to effectively manage cybersecurity and compliance risk.

Research Cyberinfrastructure

Research Cyberinfrastructure provides and supports the technical capabilities needed to enable the work of UW–⁠Madison researchers, including physical systems, services and tools.

Jan Cheetham

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Research Cyberinfrastructure Liaison


Jan has 18 years experience in IT, with a focus on serving researcher needs and advancing the cause of basic and applied research in higher education. Her background before working in IT includes research in cell biology/biochemistry and teaching introductory biology. Jan leads efforts within central IT to provide services and IT resources that empower UW-Madison researchers to achieve their research aspirations and vision. She has a BS in Zoology from University of Maryland College Park and a PhD in Biochemistry from UW–⁠Madison.