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Microgrants in support of student success in online course content

Are you interested in learning how to use course data to better understand how students are engaging with your online content?

Apply by April 21, 2024 for a microgrant to learn how to leverage online course content to support student success.

The Learning Analytics Center of Excellence (LACE) and the Division of Teaching and Learning (DTL) are offering microgrants to help explore how data empowered education practices (DEEP) help UW–‍Madison faculty and instructional staff gain insights into how to support student success.

This year’s microgrant program focuses on a critical question: How does engagement with online course content potentially impact student performance?

Each selected microgrant recipient will be awarded $2,000 for the academic year. These funds cannot be used for salary. Grants can be used for supplies, services, professional development or equipment.

Participants in the microgrant program receive support from a data architect on how to glean insights from course engagement data and will benefit from engaging with other participants. Grantees will benefit from working to leverage learning data to make evidenced based decisions about their online course content and will have opportunities to engage in community events, as well as an end-of-year campus event to share their learning.

View the microgrant application packet here.

Please reach out to the team with any questions.