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AIMS Transition update: New unification support model beginning Apr 19

In spring 2021, Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) joined the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). Our two organizations have been working on unifying operations through an effort called the AIMS Transition Project. We are excited to announce that as a result of the unification of AIMS and DoIT services under the DoIT umbrella, there will be a single point of contact for all of our supported partners on April 19, 2023.

AIMS/DoIT Unification Details

Bringing large providers of technology services together allows the university to move towards a more comprehensive approach for evolving information technology needs and services. It also allows the university to optimize the delivery of essential IT services, minimize security risks, control growth and proliferation of competing services, and align with the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) strategies.

Services in scope for the unification effort include:

  • Specialized Help Desk support, bypassing general desktop support, for IT support needs. Agents will either solve your issue directly or escalate your case to a team that can get you a solution.
  • Technical support, including diagnosing and resolving issues with hardware, operating systems and software.
  • Endpoint management, which includes specifying, installing, inventorying and decommissioning computers for supported partners within established standards, guidelines and policies.
  • Endpoint security, which includes planning, implementing, securing and maintaining in-scope endpoints in compliance with university policies and best practices.

With the goal of maintaining or improving the customer support experience, the planning team identified the best features and benefits of each organization to bring to the new, unified organization, including:

  • Combined, specialized help desk support for contracted partners
  • Single, unique phone number for contract partner use
  • Single, robust online portal for contract partner use
  • Single, unique email address for contract partner use
  • Chat support
  • Single ticketing system for incident response
  • Implementing KCS (knowledge centered service) methodology for management of support documents
  • Unified teams collaborating across all services to provide the support you need

After the unification date, we will continue cross-training and developing solutions across teams to finalize additional project goals.

As we approach April 19, we will share the specific details of the unified points of contact.

Stay informed

To help you stay up-to-date on the transition, we published an AIMS Transition project page. There you will find a regularly updated project roadmap with current, completed, and future project activities.

Please share any questions or concerns by filling out this feedback form. We will review and respond to questions during our transition team’s weekly meetings.