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Partners invited to attend the Unification Project Forum on Apr 12

In spring 2021, Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) joined the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). Our two organizations have been working on unifying operations through an effort called the AIMS Transition Project. We are excited to announce that on April 19, 2023, there will be a single point of contact for all supported partners. This is a result of the unification of AIMS and DoIT services under the DoIT umbrella.

Supported university partners affected by the unification project are invited to a forum on April 12, 2023, 2-3 pm, via Zoom. The presentation portion of the forum will be recorded for future reference. This will be an opportunity to hear directly from those working on the unification and to ask questions.

If you did not receive an email invitation to the forum and would like to attend the live presentation, please email Lauren Bruce for the Zoom link.

Until the cutover day, April 19, please continue using your current contact information for support.


The Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) team joined the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) in spring 2021 with the intent of unifying organizations and services. This unification was prompted by a number of factors. Bringing large providers of technology services together allows the university to move towards a more comprehensive approach for evolving information technology needs and services. It also allows the university to optimize the delivery of essential IT services, minimize security risks, control growth and proliferation of competing services, and align with the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) strategies.

In order to achieve the unification, there are a number of goals we have established. Those that are most significant to you are to:

  • Create a single point of contact for all supported partners
  • Leverage the best of both organizations in order to maximize the value to partners and the organization
  • Maintain or improve service levels
  • Adopt a single financial model for cost-recovery services

Stay informed

To help you stay up-to-date on the transition, we published an AIMS Transition project page. There you will find a regularly updated project roadmap with current, completed, and future project activities.

Please share any questions or concerns by filling out this feedback form. We will review and respond to questions during our transition team’s weekly meetings.