Digital Accessibility Policy, Implementation Plan Roadmap

In November 2021, UW–‍Madison approved the new Digital Accessibility Policy ( to replace the existing Web Accessibility Policy that was established in 2001. The new policy goes into effect on July 1, 2023. The implementation will roll out in a phased, multi-year approach.

The new Digital Accessibility Policy aligns with UW–‍Madison and UW System policies that protect people with disabilities against discrimination and honors our institutional statement on diversity. The policy does this through raising awareness of digital accessibility best practices, guiding the university toward designing and purchasing accessible technology, and establishing a network of Digital Accessibility Liaisons (DALs) who will share accessibility best practices with their schools, colleges, divisions, and units.

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Previous updates: May 23 | Apr 17

May 23, 2023


  • University governance and leadership informed of policy launch date via email sent on 4/17/23
  • Advisory Committee identified, meeting to be scheduled soon
  • Success metrics for the phase 1 implementation project drafted and reviewed by sponsors


  • Developing “Digital accessibility @ UW” website and directory to serve as a resource for managers and potential liaisons
  • Drafting communications to promote liaison identification and registration
  • Finalizing automated process to enroll liaisons in Canvas training


  • Exploring further automation to manage the liaison network
  • Beginning work on phase 2 of the project starting 7/1/23


  • Analyze the resource commitment needed by liaisons to support the policy and impact to the liaison network and Center for User Experience
  • Update liaison training per feedback Center for User Experience receives

April 17, 2023


  • Implementation project charter approved
  • Implementation communication plan approved
  • Project team formed and meetings scheduled
  • Project timeline and website published


  • Drafting communication to inform campus governance of policy launch date
  • Refining audiences and stakeholders to keep informed with upcoming communications


  • Draft communications to inform campus leadership of DAL needs and next steps to take in DAL identification and initiation
  • Create a public directory of Digital Accessibility Liaisons