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Zoom app minimum version update effective Aug 29

Zoom recently released updates to their minimum version requirements, some of which have changed since our last announcement on August 18. These requirements went into effect Monday, August 29. Please check to make sure you’re using the new minimum version requirement of Zoom.

  • If you use Windows: Make sure your Zoom version is at least 5.11.3
  • If you use Mac: Make sure your Zoom version is at least 5.11.9

Other minimum version requirements are as follows:

  • Vdi – 5.11.2
  • Linux – 5.11.3
  • iOS – 5.11.3
  • Android – 5.11.3

Please note, the version requirement is subject to change to address a new zero-day security vulnerability.

How to prepare for this requirement

  • Check your Zoom computer or mobile application version.
  • Update the Zoom application.
    • If your computer or mobile device is managed by your IT department, you may not have the option to update. Contact your IT department for further support.
  • Enable automatic updates for your Zoom application to receive the latest version.

More about the latest update

After our initial message sent on August 18 (below), Zoom released another updated version of the Mac Zoom computer application to address a security vulnerability. In response to the security vulnerability, we are updating the minimum client version for the Mac Zoom computer application to 5.11.9. In addition to this change and in response to feedback, we are reducing the minimum client version for the Windows Zoom computer application to 5.11.3.

Message sent Aug 18

Effective Monday, August 29, 2022, the minimum version requirement for the Zoom computer and mobile application will be updated from 5.10.0 to 5.11.x. All UW‍–‍Madison Zoom accounts and individuals attending UW‍–‍Madison Zoom hosted meetings will be required to use the minimum client version listed above.

Individuals who only use a web browser (example: Firefox, Chrome, Safari) to access Zoom at uwmadison.zoom.us will not be affected.

The minimum version is being updated to ensure all UW‍–‍Madison Zoom accounts and their attendees are using the latest privacy/security enhancements and features.

As Zoom releases new versions of their computer and mobile applications, we will adjust the minimum version to a version that includes the latest privacy and security enhancements. Announcements will be made in TechNews and the Zoom KnowledgeBase news section when the minimum version is modified.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact the Help Desk.