Zoom version 5.10.0 on a smart phone

Zoom app minimum version update effective Jul 21

Effective Thursday, July 21, 2022, UW–Madison Zoom accounts and external attendees will be required to use the Zoom computer and mobile application version 5.10.0 or later to start or join a UW–Madison Zoom hosted meeting. This requirement does not impact individuals who use the web browser (example: Firefox, Chrome, Safari) to access Zoom at uwmadison.zoom.us.

Individuals who installed Zoom on a computer or mobile device that is managed by their IT department will not have the option to update their Zoom application. They will need to contact their IT department for update assistance.


  • Check your Zoom computer or mobile application version.
  • Update the application if the minimum version is not 5.10.0 or later.
  • Contact your IT department if you need help updating the Zoom application on your computer or mobile device.

The minimum version requirement is an ongoing update to ensure all UW–Madison Zoom accounts and their attendees are using the latest privacy/security enhancements and features.

As Zoom releases new versions of their computer and mobile applications, we will continue to adjust the minimum version from 5.10.0 to a version that includes the latest privacy and security enhancements. Announcements will be made in TechNews and the Zoom KnowledgeBase news section when the minimum version is modified.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact the Help Desk.