Microsoft Teams pronoun menu screen

Add your pronouns to your Microsoft 365 profile

You can now add your pronouns to your Microsoft 365 (M365) profile card.

See instructions on how to add your pronouns

We live, work and learn in a multicultural environment. The simple act of using the right pronouns for one another can help build trust in the workplace and classroom.

Additional information

  • Using this feature is optional. Choosing to share pronouns is always up to the individual. It should never be mandated.
  • Once added, your pronouns are visible to M365 users in the UW–‍Madison organization.
  • This change will only occur in M365. Updating your pronouns in M365 will not transfer to other systems or make your pronouns available anywhere else.

Did you know…

You can add your pronouns to other platforms such as Zoom and Canvas? See below for instructions.

More about pronouns

Pronouns are a way to refer to someone without using their name. Using an individual’s pronouns correctly is one way to practice inclusion and foster support and belonging at UW–Madison. For guidance on how to use pronouns, visit the Gender and Sexuality Campus Center’s Pronouns Matter page. If you have any questions, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.