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Classic Reports to be deprecated by Qualtrics on March 31

With the general availability of Advanced Reports, Qualtrics is deprecating Classic Reports on March 31, 2021.

After March 31, you will lose access to any reports which were created with Classic Reports, including scheduled emails and public reports. If you have not already done so, Qualtrics encourages you to rebuild reports on the Advanced Reports platform and to download a PDF copy of existing reports you wish to keep.

To view Classic Reports in a user account, navigate to the Advanced Reports page (Reports tab > Reports section), click on the name of the advanced report and select View Classic Reports from the dropdown.

If you have a question about the newest version of Reports, please visit the Support Page for Advanced Reports. If you’d rather speak to a specialist, Qualtrics Support Team is always ready to assist. To contact them, please log into the Qualtrics Support Portal. On the sign-in page you will need to select “Sign in with SSO” and enter “uwmadison” as the Organization ID. 

In the event that you need additional assistance, the DoIT Help Desk is available to assist you.

UW–Madison Qualtrics Brand Administrators